About Us

Opal Instruments

 Opal Instruments is a family run business. All Opal products are manufactured in our Pomona, California facility. 

Scott Dordick is the founder and CEO of Opal Instruments. Scott has been designing and manufacturing products for the Aerospace, automotive and photographic industries for over 25 years. Scott has over 15 US Patents. After learning the ukulele. Scott decided to put his design experience to work, crafting an electric ukulele that would really rock. Subsequently, Scott met Sam Radding*. Sam is a master luthier and has generously helped Scott refine his  designs and techniques. The result? So great you have to hear it to believe it.

Scott is also the founder of Acratech Inc which is the parent company of Opal Instruments and is world renowned for its high quality, innovative photographic equipment. 

 *Sam Radding has been a luthier for over 40 years and many of today's largest instrument manufactures owe their start to Sam. You can visit Sam's website at www.go-guitars.com  Sam's website mostly shows his travel guitars, to fully appreciate his talent and skills you really must see his custom guitars.